Saturday, October 27, 2012


Since my first child could talk, I have been recording all the cute and funny things she has said. I thought it would be fun to start a blog devoted all those funny moments. Now almost 10 years later, and two more children added to the family, I have these moments ALL the time.

During the time when things are rather dull around here, with not a funny word being said, I'm going to post some oldies from the mouths of my kids years ago.

When, my daughter, Ariel was first starting to talk, it was pretty scary what came out of her mouth. You never can tell what words children will pick up on. We figured it came from watching a grownup movie with us.

I wrote this 9 years ago...

"A week ago I came to church distraught over Ariel’s newest word, “Shet!”

Earlier that afternoon, I had asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. She followed me to the movie case. I chose The Little Mermaid and she proceeded to very sadly throw herself on the ground and cry, “Shet!”

I asked Titus, my husband, if he knew where she might have heard the word, and he had no idea.

This past Saturday, after finishing her bath, I asked her if she would like to finish watching Shrek.

She excitedly yelled, “Shet, Shet!!” She had been saying that word all week long, and we expected the worst. We had no idea that she just wanted to watch her favorite movie!"

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