Thursday, January 3, 2013


When Gabe was 4 years old, he kept saying he wanted to marry Zana. She was 7 months old and pretty as can be. Gabe had just fallen in love with her.

We were taking a nature walk at the Museum grounds. The grass is very tall and is covered with wild flowers. It’s very beautiful. Gabriel picked several flowers and said they were “for Zana… for our wedding.”

After walking the trails for another hour, I thought he would have forgotten about them. But after getting into the car, Gabe asks me, “Can we bring these flowers over to Zana’s house now?”

Who can resist such a cute request?

We drove to Zana's, and I thought I was going to be walking him up to the door, but he says, “no, I want to go do this by myself.”

So I just quickly bunch the flowers together for him. And once he’s got a hold of them he says, very seriously, “Mom, get back in the car now.”

Oh boy… I felt like he was a teenager already and here I was embarrassing him. I got back in the car and Gabriel walked up to Zana’s house, rang her doorbell and dropped off her flowers, just looking as cute as can be.

When he sat back in his seat he says, still serious, “Mom, I’m all grown up now.”

Then to top it off, he hears me and Grandma discussing what he had just done. So he kind of laughs and says, “That was really cute when I did that, wasn’t it?”

Gabriel, you just melt my heart. You are going to make one terrific husband some day!

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