Monday, February 4, 2013


Our Saturday night was spent watching the Topeka Roadrunner's hockey team. I believe in order to drum up more business they like to partner with local schools; this time Gabe's. The 3rd through 5th graders had the privilege of walking out onto the ice to sing our national anthem. My son jumped at this chance! The rest of us tagged along to watch. It was different than our normal Saturday night, but proved to be a fun evening.

Zechariah watched his first hockey game. He was most thrilled to see the mascot, Reggie. No matter where he was, Zech kept an eye out for him. Reggie had more action then the team of hockey players, at least from Zech's perspective. At one point Zech was shocked and saddened to learn that Reggie was a man inside a costume. He thought he was real.

The funniest comment was about half way through the game, Zech was watching very intently. The score was 2:1, the Roadrunners were winning. Zech informed me in his best know-it-all voice, "Those black ones are not very good cause they're not on our team and they keep running into all those walls."

The Roadrunners were rather aggressive, and picked a few fights with the opposing team. To Zech's eyes the "black ones" were running into the walls, when they were in fact being rammed into those walls.

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