Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When my son, Gabriel, was three years old we were shopping at Wal-Mart trying to come up with a last minute anniversary gift. We stopped to look at the movie bin.

Gabe was showing quite a bit of interest in all of the movies but stopped suddenly when a women in a wheelchair went by.

She looked a little different than most people and he said very loudly for all to hear, “Look at her, Mommy!”

I hung my head, trying to hide a little, certain that Gabriel was about to embarrass me.

The lady made it several feet away by now and I’m just praying that he forgets what he’s about to say. He goes on to complete his statement, “She’s beautiful!”

Immediately tears come to my eyes at the sweetness of my son. The woman stopped her wheelchair, turned around and with great appreciation in her own eyes said a heartfelt, “thank you.”

I know he made her day!

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