Monday, November 19, 2012


For my daughter's 5th birthday I brought her to JCPenny's portrait studio for some pictures. She looked like an angel.

I also brought my 3 year old son along with me. It had been a very long wait and the kids were both getting bored. You never know what might come out of their mouths in those moments.

I was due to have my third child in about a month so Gabriel was very excited and very interested in little babies.

While we are waiting, a black family walked in. They had an adorable little baby just a couple weeks old. Gabe wanted to reach out and touch. I was able to stop him from doing that, but I couldn't control what came out of his mouth.

He had great amazement on his face, and took his time with each word, “LOOK! IT'S A CHOCOLATE BABY!”

The parents loved it and didn't mind one bit about Gabe's reference.

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