Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who is the Rock?

When Gabriel was four years old he was going to be in a special children’s program at church. The title was “Who is the Rock”

I helped out with some video for it. We were asking the kids different questions about building their house. What should your foundation be like? And so forth…

The program is about the parable of the man who builds his house on the rock and the man who builds his house on the sand.

I was prepping Gabe for the answers for his turn on the video. And after much discussion and debate I decided he's just much too literal of a guy. I asked him, "what do we build our house on?"

He answers, "my train table."

I kept at it because that isn’t quite the answer we were looking for.

"No, WHO do we build our house on? Jesus, right?"

Gabe very seriously corrected me, "No, we don't! Jesus would get hurt! We do it on the train table!"

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